Core Beliefs Of The leading Back Pain Expert in Asheville

After seeing thousands of back pain sufferers in Asheville over two decades, I have developed several key beliefs that I passionately stand by when it comes to treating people with natural, safe solutions so they can enjoy doing the things they love without back pain and sciatica.

For me, this helps enforce the high standards I have set for myself throughout my 20-year career and ensures that my specially selected team are matching the excellence I strive for.


BELIEF #1 – We treat people not backs

It is my strongest belief that I do not treat backs, I treat people who just so happen to own backs that don’t come with an owner’s manual.

It is my job to understand and listen to those pain signals that are affecting your life, then thoroughly interpret what those signals mean to you in order for us to create a step-by-step plan to quickly relieve your back pain and sciatica so you can return to running, kayaking and rock climbing.


BELIEF #2 – We listen to you!

Since we started our clinic, this has been something that has been honed and applied to every patient that enters our doors. This is where we different from other doctors and specialists that just look at the forms you’ve filled out and give you cookie cutter treatments for your back pain and sciatica.

The typical approach you’ve experienced in the past means there is no customization for the treatment to fit your body. As they say, if the only tool you have is a hammer, everything is going to look like a nail.

At Anti-Fragile Physical Therapy, we understand that everybody is different and reacts differently to treatments, that is why we pride ourselves in digging deep to find the root cause of your back pain. Then, we can then tailor your treatment to focus on how to quickly relieve your pain and strengthen and reinforce your back so that it can handle everything that you throw at it.


BELIEF #3 – Start with reversible treatments

Most people feel forced and pushed into risky procedures like surgery and injections, which can have nasty side effects and life-changing complications that can’t be undone.

Even pills can leave you feeling drowsy, and nauseous and we all know about the huge risk of addiction that many people fear.

My approach is much safer as we start with reversible treatments.

If a particular stretch is causing you discomfort, you can easily stop or try a different stretch.

You can adjust your lifting mechanics, or the way you run or sit on a bike and by doing this it allows us to continually adapt your treatment to your body and consistently make progress towards your health and fitness goals.

This safe, natural approach has worked for thousands of my past patients and is incredibly effective meaning that you don’t have to put your body through the stress and trauma of surgery, injections, and painkillers.


BELIEF #4 – Reassure you!

Feeling hopeless, tried everything, nothing has worked?

We can help you make quick progress and give you the confidence and reassurance to get back to doing the activities that used to flare up your back pain and sciatica which you’ve stopped doing out of fear.

We know you’re desperate to get back to being a part of your running group or back to being a regular at your gym so reach out to our expert team to get you there!

Can You See How Different We Are To All The Things You Tried To Fix Your Back Pain In The Past?

And this is why when people visit my Asheville clinic, they get results – even if they’ve spent years trying and failing with at-home stretches, countless doctors visits and scans, bottles of painkillers, and visits to chiropractors and massage therapists.

So why don’t you come to our clinic as part of a Free Discovery Visit.

This means you see how we treat, can meet the team, and get personalized advice and recommendations on the best treatment options that can deliver you the fast, long-term, and drug-free pain relief you’re desperately searching for.