Is This Why You Keep Getting Upper Back Pain Between Your Shoulder Blades?

Are you tired of that persistent, nagging pain between your shoulder blades that just won’t seem to go away?

You’re not alone.

Upper back pain can be a real nuisance, affecting your daily life and preventing you from enjoying the activities you love.

Read this blog to find out how you can relieve upper back pain without painkillers, injections, or surgery.

Causes of Upper Back Pain

The first step in finding relief is understanding the root causes of your upper back pain.

At the Anti-Fragile Physical Therapy Clinic, we’ve seen a multitude of factors contributing to this discomfort.

One common cause is poor posture, especially in this era of long work hours and increased screen time.

Slouching or sitting in a hunched position can lead to muscle imbalances and strain in the upper back.

Other culprits include muscle overuse, injury, or tension.

Whether it’s from repetitive movements or sudden strains, the muscles between your shoulder blades can become tight and painful.

Additionally, stress and emotional tension often manifest physically in the upper back, creating a cycle of discomfort that can be challenging to break.

How to Relieve Upper Back Pain

If you’re suffering from upper back pain, then I know how frustrated you are and don’t know what else you can do after you’ve tried almost everything and failed.

If you took some painkillers, did home stretches, or just tried to wait it out, then your problem only became even more persistent.

Painkillers won’t fix your back and home stretches probably won’t either because you need the specialist’s help to know what stretches you’re meant to be doing and how to do them correctly. 

Instead, there are some other things you need to consider if you want to relieve pain in the upper back and keep it away. 

Here are a few ways how to relieve upper back pain and finally get back to doing all the activities you enjoy. 

5 Tips On How To Relieve Upper Back Pain Fast

Posture Awareness

Take breaks to stand and stretch throughout your day.

Ensure your workspace is ergonomically friendly, promoting a neutral spine.

Strengthening Exercises

Incorporate exercises that target the muscles in your upper back and shoulders.

Strengthening these muscles can help prevent pain and improve overall posture.

Stretching Routine

Implement a regular stretching routine to release tension.

Focus on exercises that specifically target the muscles between your shoulder blades.

Massage and Soft Tissue Work

Consider regular massage or soft tissue work to release tight knots and ease muscle tension.

You should get a massage from a proper massage therapist rather than try it at home as it probably wouldn’t bring any results otherwise. 

You need to know the right techniques and pain points to be able to get the relief you’ve been looking for. 

Mind-Body Connection

Explore stress-reducing activities such as yoga, meditation, or deep-breathing exercises to address the emotional component of upper back pain.

It’s important that you address both your physical and mental well-being in order to be healthy and active without pain.

The Best Treatment For Upper Back Pain

At Anti-Fragile Physical Therapy Clinic, we understand that finding relief is a journey unique to each individual.

As the leading back pain expert in Asheville, I’ve helped thousands of people recover from back pain without painkillers, injections, or surgery.

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Don’t let upper back pain control your life.

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